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At Jessi’s Bookkeeping and Financial Services, I offer a range of services to help individuals and businesses make wise financial decisions. I have seen businesses fail in my South Dakota community because the owners didn’t have a good understanding of their finances and couldn’t afford the help they needed. I am here to offer affordable and honest feedback on your current financial practices and find solutions that work for you.

What is Virtual Bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping allows me to provide accounting and payroll services to clients nationwide from my home in South Dakota. I offer free virtual consultations where we can discuss your business needs and what tools you prefer. I am willing to work with the software that you choose, which keeps the transition to working with an accountant simple. Your current systems remain in place, and we work together to improve them.

I will place your financial reports in a shared drive so that you can check in as often as you like. We’ll also schedule periodic meetings to review your finances and discuss my recommendations for your business.

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Bookkeeping for Businesses

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from professional bookkeeping services. Hiring an accountant or bookkeeper prevents financial surprises down the road and allows you to address potential problems early. It also gives you and your staff the freedom to focus on your core services.

Payroll Management

Paying your employees on time and without errors is crucial to running a successful business. Overpayment or underpayment is hard to correct after payroll has been processed and can affect your employees’ trust in your company. Working with a payroll specialist, will reduce the amount of payroll errors and make sure your employees are paid on time every time.

Tax Support

As a part of payroll management services, Jessi’s Bookkeeping and Financial Services can process your payroll taxes. Though I do not file annual taxes at this time, I partner with a trusted CPA who can handle business and personal tax returns for you. If you prefer to use a different tax preparer, I will provide them with all of the necessary documentation to streamline the filing process.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting involves keeping track of a business’s income and expenses. Cost accounting allows you to catch cash flow issues early and set goals for the future of your business. Understanding your profits is the first step toward financial stability.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting allows your leadership team to make informed decisions about the future of your business. Jessi’s Bookkeeping can provide a range of reports that explore every aspect of your business’ financial health. I will also provide insights and recommendations to help you move forward.

Personal Financial Services

Though most of my services are geared toward helping businesses thrive, I also work with individuals who want to improve their financial literacy.

Budgeting Classes

I offer one-on-one budgeting classes for teens and adults to help them develop healthy money management habits. Every teen should know how to budget and save their money before leaving for college. Your child may not be excited about a budgeting class now, but they will thank you in the years ahead. This class is also perfect for adults who know that they should have a budget, but don’t know where to start. Since the classes are one-on-one, I can tailor your class to build on what you already know.

Financial Planning

Planning for retirement, saving to buy a home, or exploring investment options can be daunting. I can help you create a long-term financial plan to meet your goals and feel confident in your ability to succeed.

Honest and Accurate Accounting with Jessi’s Bookkeeping and Financial Services

I created Jessi’s Bookkeeping and Financial Services to provide honest and straightforward financial advice to people in my South Dakota community and beyond. Whether you own a business or just need some help with your personal finances, I’d love to connect with you. Schedule a free 1-hour consultation, so that we can discuss your goals, budget, and what I have to offer. I can’t wait to meet you.