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Jessi Beeson

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Own Your Time: A Reminder for Women-Owned Small Business Owners

Here is a key tip that I want you to remember as you grow your women-owned small business.

If you don’t own your time, someone else will own it for you.

It is essential to take time for yourself during this busy holiday season. I remember when I first started taking time for myself; I gave strict instructions that nobody was to knock on the bathroom door while I was in there.

My household proved they could survive without me for 2 hours. I think that is something that every woman needs to remind herself of. Especially during the holidays.

We worry about significant others, the kids, the house or apartment, the decorations, the relatives, holiday celebrations, and pets, and we often neglect to carve out time for ourselves.

When I first started taking me-time, I was explaining this to one of my friends and she was astounded that I could essentially disappear for a couple of hours.

That’s when I truly realized that often, too often, we as women are taking a back seat to controlling our own time and allowing others to control it for us.

I’d like to remind everybody that if you don’t own your time, someone else will.

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