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Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services provides high-quality and reliable financial services so you can focus on the parts of your business you love.

Common Bookkeeping Issues

No matter what your Rapid City business faces, good bookkeeping and financial reporting can help you make informed decisions and meet your financial goals. Here are a few common bookkeeping issues that Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services can help with:

“I’m behind on my bookkeeping.”

When you work with Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services, one of our first steps will be clean-up and historical bookkeeping. I’ll ensure all of your records and reports are up-to-date so you know where you stand financially.

“I’m not sure I’m doing this right.”

As your business grows, bookkeeping becomes more complex. Working with a trusted Rapid City accountant will give you peace of mind that your bookkeeping is done correctly and prevent costly mistakes down the road.

“My financial reports don’t make sense.”

If your numbers just aren’t adding up, let Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services check your work. From profit and loss statements to more complex reports, I will ensure your reports are accurate and help you understand the impact on your business.



Jessi is very knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. I have gone to her with many questions and she has always served me well. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need.


Jessi has been an invaluable asset to our organization from our humble beginnings through our growth and intricate changes. She has offered professional services and expert advice throughout our time together and we couldn’t have gotten so far without her! If you’re looking for bookkeeping that both anticipates and meets your needs, Jessi is the person to call!



Hiring Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services has been the best business decision I have ever made. Jessi has not only helped me map out and organize the business finances, but she has continued to support our growing business needs with a friendly and professional attitude. 

Rapid City Bookkeeping Services

Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services offers a range of bookkeeping and accounting services to meet the needs of your business, including:

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is the process of comparing bank statements to your accounting records to ensure accuracy. I’ll work to remove duplicate transactions and add missing information to your records so you are equipped to make the best financial decisions for your business.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Accounts payable is money your business owes to vendors and suppliers, whereas accounts receivable represents money owed to you. Accounts payable and receivable need to be carefully tracked so you’re not caught off guard by an unexpected bill or completing work that you’re never paid for.

Payroll Management

Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services also offers payroll management for your Rapid City business. I’ll onboard new employees, fix timesheets, and keep you in compliance with local payroll tax laws. Completing payroll on time and without errors is crucial to building trust with and retaining your employees.

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Your Trusted South Dakota Accountant

My passion for serving South Dakota businesses started early. As a child, I saw many small businesses in our community fail because they didn’t have access to sound financial advice. So I earned a degree in accounting and began working at a local accounting firm. 

Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t give my clients the time and attention they needed while working at a large firm, so I decided to start my own business where I could do things differently. My mission at Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services is to offer honest and transparent financial guidance to help you meet your business goals.

Rapid City Businesses that Need Bookkeeping

Businesses in any industry can benefit from professional bookkeeping services. Accurate financial records can help you secure investors, set goals, and prevent surprises during tax season. I have helped businesses in the following industries achieve their financial goals:

Rapid City Accounting Services FAQs​

Absolutely! Our bookkeeping services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in Rapid City, SD. We understand the local regulations, tax requirements, and industry nuances that can impact your financial records.

Yes, as a local bookkeeping service in Rapid City, we have extensive knowledge of the tax laws and regulations that apply to businesses in South Dakota. We stay up to date with any changes to ensure compliance and maximize your tax benefits.

Absolutely! We specialize in helping Rapid City businesses with various financial tasks, including local sales tax filings. Our expertise ensures accurate and timely reporting, helping you stay compliant and avoid any penalties.

We have in-depth experience in managing payroll taxes for Rapid City businesses. Our team understands the local payroll tax requirements and will ensure that your payroll records are accurate, deductions are handled appropriately, and payments are made on time.

Yes, we have been providing bookkeeping services to businesses in Rapid City for many years. We have a deep understanding of the local business landscape and the unique accounting needs of various industries in the area.

Absolutely! We stay informed about any state or local business incentives or grants available in Rapid City. We can guide you through the process, ensuring you are aware of any opportunities that can help your business thrive.

Get Help With Your Business Finances

Many business owners handle their own books while their business is small, but as your business grows, you may fall behind. Or maybe your financial statements have become too complicated for you to manage on your own. If you’re at this point, schedule a free consultation with Jessi’s Bookkeeping & Financial Services to see how I can help. I can’t wait to meet you!